The Maker's Place

The Maker’s Place is an entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and math (ESTEAM) focused out-of-school time program.

For more information on The Maker's Clubhouse, the K-5th grade program at Faison Elementary, visit their blog: The Maker's Clubhouse

About The Maker's Place

The Maker’s Place is a collection of ESTEAM focused out-of-school time programs. Our programs provide hands-on product based learning, mentors and cutting-edge technology to encourage youth to explore, collaborate, innovate and make.


Color-Coded, a branch of The Maker's Place, teaches students computer programming languages, digital citizenship and 21st century skills such as computational thinking. We operate with a 10:1 student:instructor ratio for this program. An entry level JavaScript enrichment package will be available for programs to purchase summer 2015. Basic concepts students will learn with the JavaScript package: Variables, Functions, Loops, If-Else Statements, Object Attributes and Strings & Numbers.

Prices are negotiable based on the number of students. Need based scholarships are available. Prices include instructors and supplies.

Sample Packages
Students Lessons Price
Minimum 10 10 $700
Mid-Level 10 36 $2,520
Maximum 30 36 $5,400

Comparable programs charge $225-550 per day for similar opportunities but only cover basic logic of programming through block based programs with limited applicability.

Contact The Maker's Place

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